Every once in a while I find something really good on Medium. This is not one of these times. I don’t know what your real grudge against Python is, but most of your points can be countered just as easily as you make them.

I’ll limit myself to the most obvious ones: there are libraries for everything… of course there are. Don’t tell me you happily ignore all the libraries that come with C# in your beloved .NET framework? You write everything from scratch? A beginning programmer should learn that libraries exist for good reasons instead of being kept away from them.

Also, and that aligns with another comment I read here: OOP is anything but the silver bullet. The resurgence of functional programming and languages like Clojure have show already that other paradigms, or a mix of them, is sometimes simply better. And if you really want to learn OOP, then steer away as far as you can from the most popular languages. Java, C++, C#, and granted, also Python are class oriented at best, not object oriented. Try Pharo or another member of the Smalltalk family and you’ll see.

CEO at Schinchoku and software architect at Delphino Consultancy B.V. — writing about software, and about the Shinchoku startup.

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