I think any OO fan could write an equally destructive piece on functional programming. In the end, an article like this doesn’t solve anything.

The two biggest flaws: OOP is about objects and messaging, but you fail to recognize that it is not OOP that is wrong, but rather the COL (Class Oriënted Languages). You blame OOP for a mistake you clearly made yourself: using the wrong tool for the job. Find a true object oriented language, as opposed to class oriented and try again.

Second, you bash OOP, but nowhere prove that FP is better. Yes, you provide examples, but based only on your own experience — who says there aren’t cases where OOP does fit better than FP?

I’m happy to use any mix of languages and paradigms where they fit best. In the end we should solve real world problems in our software, not fight paradigm wars. That’s probably the only reality in your (click bait) title.

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