If your scope was limited to desktop Windows applications and you only used Microsoft tools yes. Perhaps you missed that a large amount of applications (including Visual Studio :-)) were written in C++. Not to mention that the much older language COBOL is still around ….

In the end VB disappeared for two reasons, which make your comparison something like comparing apples and oranges:

  1. VB was a proprietary Microsoft product, that it’s manufacturer decided to discontinue. JavaScript has been open from the start and adopted by a much larger audience as a result (not to mention that the software and it world back then looked massively different)
  2. VB lacked in scalability, performance and a number of other areas. JavaScript covers those better, albeit not in a perfect way, thanks to the infrastructure provided by nodejs and web browsers

The say that you think JavaScript sucks (note there is no x in that word). Be my guest, I’d take any other language over JavaScript if it fits the solution. That doesn’t change the fact that its use is a lot broader than VBs ever was, nor any of the things I mentioned before.

P.S. just to make clear: I mentioned my 25 years experience to indicate how JavaScripts use and implementation have evolved over that period, not to make myself look like the old wise man. If that’s what triggered you, think about why ;-)

CEO at Schinchoku and software architect at Delphino Consultancy B.V. — writing about software, and about the Shinchoku startup.

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