Let me make a prediction, based on 25 years of experience (I saw JvaScript being born, I’m getting old)…

Just like Dart as language didn’t make it against JavaScript up to now, and just like there are a gazillion web frameworks that are not able to become ‘the one and only’, Blazor will not replace JavaScript any time soon.

For a simple reason: in all these cases the developer community decides what to use and that community is far from united in their choices. Also, the web is not built on .NET, so that can never be a reason for the framework to succeed.

Before Blazor gets to a stage where it would do what you ask in the title there will be at least 6 other candidates that will equally fail. JavaScript is not going to stay forever, but given the current amount of systems based on it and the success of TypeScript and NodeJS, it’s not going anywhere any time soon. No matter Microsoft and other peoples ambitions.

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