What are your thoughts?, Medium asks. Well, at first I thought I was going to finish this article and then just leave it, or deny what is written there.

However, you make a point that I often made before, albeit not in written publications so far, in a slightly different way than I would.

We have tons of libraries and frameworks that came into being from the approach that you describe here. I.e. "let's write our own instead of dragging in this and that framework".

The pitfall is that many developers, after doing so, start promoting their solution as a new, and apparenlty better framework. Without that last step, life would be a lot better for all of us in software, and most developers would understand a lot better what they are doing.

At the same time, some things indeed do belong in the standard libraries, because everybody needs them at some point - and that should probably be criterion number 1 when deciding whether or not to publish another library or framework: does (virtually) everybody need this at some point? With number 2 being: is it not too big for what it is supposed to do.

Thanks for confirming Andrew.